5 Things I Love this Week

by - Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1.Cell phones, airplanes, and actually being together in moments like these- I don't know what more to say on this.
2.Chocolate Chip cookies on airplanes- after the general silliness and flight debacles yesterday, I was ready to curse Frontier Airline's name forever and certainly never buy a ticket from them again (and trust me, I will do it, my airline grudges last a long time). Then, the people were really friendly, and clearly were trying to help everyone make their flight after a number of delays. Then, they gave us all free tv and chocolate chip cookies. I don't want to sound like a corporate pushover here, but it is really hard to stay mad at someone who will give you chocolate chip cookies.
3. The Boy- It's another great week for his getting boyfriend points, even if we aen't together. You have to say a lot for a man who will (begrudgingly) encourage you to go be with family at a moment like this. You also have to say a lot for a man who frantically searches for other flights for you and even offers to buy you a new ticket because he is the one who talked you into using Priceline (the devil's website) which leaves you totally powerless in situations like yesterday. You also have to give it to a man who is just a kickass boyfriend, and will spend a good chunk of your absence getting stuff for your wedding done, and that is the Boy for sure. Yay him!
4. Hospitals with Subways and Dairy Queen in them- I truly did not even know that something so fancy existed. Nashville hospitals are really nice, so if you have to have a super sucky disease somewhere, I'd try here. I was very impressed, but I guess it doesnt do much for my Aunt Ann, since she is still on a jello and chicken broth diet.
5. Mom, Uncle Rob, Shelly, and Aunt Ann- I really really really love my Aunt Ann, and I want her to feel much better.I love my family a lot.

2 Things I really do not love- Cancer and Priceline.com. Just the worst.

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