5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, April 03, 2012

1.This picture. The thing I have been most touched by this week back is how many people have been excited about helping with things for our wedding. This is two of our groomsmen watching a youtube video of tying bow ties  and trying to figure out how to do it. It was just so cute and they did eventually figure it out, so kudos to them.
 2. This tattoo- I just think it is cute.

3.Being home- I feel so much happier here, but I know it is also because i am not doing work and am just fousing on being with people, which makes life a lot simpler. I got my first draft back today, and I need to finish a catlogue essay today, so reality is already starting to creep in.
4. Uno Attack- We have been down the Catan hole for so long, that we haven't played Uno lately, but we played on my birthday and it was the perfect end to the day. The game is so fun, and it is my first memory with Pam, who is about to be my sister in law. It's one of those things we do and I feel like a real part of the family at my in-laws. Plus, it encourages cheating. And Aubey makes really great faces after she hits the button and the game shoots cards at her. I don't think she knows she is losing.
from thebodypositive.org/
5. Body- positivity images- There are a bunch of these floating around the internet, but this one is absolutely my favorite, because she writes that her stomach is "the most amazing, priceless thing I have." How beautiful is that? It reminds us that everyone struggles with their body, but that the struggle is valuable. I love it.

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