Wedding Wednesday- Making the Photo Wall Happen

by - Wednesday, March 07, 2012

So one of the things I have thought about from the very beginning of wedding planning is putting up a big photo wall on one of the long lattice walls that is one of the downsides of anchor village. I thought it might just add a neat little focal point and would cut a bit of the latticey-ness (yes I just made up that word, but those things are everywhere there!).

Something that looks kind of like this, playing off the texture of the lattice (I am thinking all white frames too, so it feel subtle, but so far I have 0 frames, so that is still pretty open). The wedding blog ones are always of older family member's wedding pictures, which I think is very sweet, but that gets trickier with our particular family members, and anyway, I think we can do something more fun. 

See, I get the appeal of wedding pictures, but in cases like my Grammy and Grampa (who have kicked marriage's butt), they look kind of awkward at their wedding but they look so freaking adorable in this picture! We both also have grampas who were married twice, once to our biological grandmas and then to the grandmas who we grew up with and are still very close to on both sides. Not to mention that once you have divorced/ remarried parents, things can get complicated and multiple real quick. So thinking about the beautiful complexity of who and what our families are, wedding pictures actually seem insufficient. Instead, we want to figure out how to honor those relationships creatively. So mostly I think what will be up will be family pictures, trying to honor the people who have really loved and helped us from multiple perspectives. 

On the other hand, just having a total sap-fest wouldn't be very "us" so there has been a lot of talk of what else we could put up. One of things that will definitely be there are little excerpts from my journal, which pretty well documents our relationship from the very first flirting (favorite line "N A is fun to flirt with, but I don't think he is boyfriend material") we also talked about excerpts from the book we have kept ourselves, but I am not sure there is anything in there that wouldn't really just be too weird. We keep a "shelf" which was the Boy's thing before we were dating, where we basically accumulate weird momentos everywhere we go. I think I am perceiving this as a 2-D shelf.

I feel like it's a great place where the theme "we do" can really manifest, because it's about our relationships with our family and our world and our excitement about that.The bigger "we"

 We also really really want to avoid it being just pictures of us, but we are talking about two- carp faces and one from our very first dance date in 2002 (this isn't it, but I don't have a digital version of any of them!). I think two is the max limit, because people will have to look at us a lot that day.
Other than that, everything should either be of other people or just alluding to stuff. I think it will be fun if anyone at the wedding can pick out some of the references they know, but no one will understand all of them!

So now I just have to actually acquire these things. Some things we already have (like this), but most things I will have to either go find it or get it printed. 


I found a couple of other etsy-style references that might be cute, but I think above all the next step (for when I am in Franklin, because these things would really suck to move) i\s to start pulling together cheap frames, an exacto knife and sheets for matting, and white spray paint! I could be sentimental for a living, but I actually need to do something rather than thinking of pseudo-related projects to ignore all the not fun wedding stuff. 

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  1. I think you seriously underestimate the degree to which people would like to look at pictures of the two of you. I realize that your natural inclination is to find any and all ways to shift focus away from you, but your wedding day is not the day to do that.

    I realize that you don't want to be That Couple, but I suspect that even if you tried your hardest to steer things in that direction, your natural aversions to being the center of attention would keep it from ever getting overbearing.

    Nobody is coming to your wedding for any reason other than to see the two of you. The photo-recognition of your intriguingly twisty family trees is cool and interesting only insofar as it informs everyone's understanding of all the different threads that are bound together by your union. But at the end of the day, the wedding day is about the two of you.

    Or, short form, if there are only a couple of pictures of the two of you on that wall, a lot of people are going to be really disappointed.