Wedding Wednesday- Goals for March

by - Wednesday, March 07, 2012

You might notice a lot of these are the same as last month's, but things move slow! And you always realize other stuff as you go too.

1. Finish those paper goods! We did get more of this done, and we really are on our way, but we still need to agree on table numbers, the photo scavenger hunt, and the ceremony programs. We have the fan programs designed, now I need to make copies and start cutting out 400 sheets of paper. No biggie. I also need to figure out what I am going to do for the joke and trivia cards, because I really want to use that idea! I also just need to buy napkins, but I am thinking not the cutesy ones with initials on them or whatever.

2. Picking accessories for everyone and starting to figure out what gifts we are giving people. We also just talked about the fact that we don't have any plans for what our flower girl and ring bearer will wear. We just need to decide on the whole look, but it's not going to happen until the end of the month when we are home in pennsylvania.


3. Lighting! I want to decide on what we are doing and buy the supplies. I wrote about this last week, so you already know the deal- I want it to be really fun, but not so ambitious that it is literally impossible to do in one day. I need to get the dimensions of the room to do this.

4. Have crafts ready and appointments set up for our trip home at the end of the month. Trying to meet with our florist/caterer/cake people at JPC when we are back, so more of those decisions can really be made.

5. Figure out scripture and who we want to be readers. Also, have the ceremony music figured out. We also need to figure out if we want any fussiness in the church or any set decorations and make that happen.


6. Figure out the photo wall! Start finding cheap frames that I can paint white and print the pictures I want for the wall. This is one of my favorite wedding ideas, but now it is time to actually execute! This is the place we are at- it is time to actually get things done rather than make decisions or have a vision. I can't believe how quickly it seems to be coming now. I need to get crafting!

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