Wedding Wednesday- 5 Awesome Ideas for 5 Months Out

by - Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So, we are 5 month from the wedding this week, which is pretty crazy. I can tell that things do speed up more and more the closer you get, so we are trying to get as much of the work done now as we can, while still maintaining a life that isn't totally wedding-centric. We are also half way through our premarital counseling and celebrating the one year anniversary of getting fancied. Big week! 22 more to go, and I will be on to planning our trip to Egypt! So these are the ideas that we have found lately that seem super cool, even if we wouldn't/ can't really use them.

1. Glow sticks, bracelets, and necklaces- cheesy, yes. but also really really fun. I think giving people the opportunity to look silly invites them to also act silly. Plus, when you set them up like this, they almost look kind of classy.

2. Giant Weather balloons as reception decoration- I think this wedding looks so amazing- I love it!Very playful, but by keeping a monotone color scheme, it doesn't get too crazy.

3. Moonbounce- I love love love this idea, but the boy already said no. Our wedding is starting to look borderline like a child's birthday party, and this would definitely push it over the edge. But come on, doesn't that look like a blast!?
4. A sign for the Bar with all the available drinks. Nick and I have been trying to figure out how we are doing our signage- this is a good reminder that telling people their choices is always a kind choice.

5. Star Wars themed lego cake topper- Even dorkier than we can handle. I love this one, though it actually reminds me more of the wedding in Spaceballs than in Star Wars.

22 weeks to go!

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