My Tips for Celebrating an Engagement Anniversary

by - Monday, March 26, 2012

So, I couldn't find anywhere online that had any advice on how to celebrate the anniversary of getting engaged, which makes me think perhaps we are odd for thinking that is a fun idea, but it was fun, so here is my advice if you are planning something.

I understand it might seem like overkill, but I am all about celebrating when there is celebrating to be done- so many truly negative things will happen in our lives and there is no way to lessen the blows of loss- you just have to work through it. The best you can do is put as much energy and thought into the positive things to try to have some sort of balance in your life. We put so much thought and creativity into other parts of our life, so I just want to put that energy into the really great things that are happening too.

Ok, now that I'm done grandstanding, these are the things that worked.

1. Try to pick a theme that plays into the original proposal- where did you get engaged? What are some of the details you remember from that day? We got engaged in Peru, so everything last week was all about Peru, though I have a couple ideas that I didn't use this year that I might bring out next year.

2. Don't really do gifts, except maybe something that you can use as a couple again and again. Gifts seem like a little much for such a small celebration, but I did buy this sweet cake plate that we can use all the time, especially during Peru Week everywhere.

3. Push the food! At least for us, food is the center of every celebration, so try to make food that plays into the memory of that day. We ate Peruvian food all week, then on the day we went out or Peruvian food. We meant to go somewhere that was more highland Peruvian than coastal, but it was closed! So we went to Isabella's, which was delicious but not what we were expecting.

4. Feel free to be nostalgic! Ok, so for me this is a rule for the every day, but this week we watched the videos from our trip (especially the ones from up on the mountain), and it made me so happy! They were really cute and it was fun to think about the things that have changed over the course of the year. We both (kudos to the boy or this) wore things that spoke to that day- he wore the same shirt and I bought the necklace we got while we were there (you can see it in this picture, but it is hidden by the hair). This is never going to be the most epic holiday, but little details can make a big difference.

5. It should be pretty original- maybe the reason people don't talk about how to celebrate this holiday is because it is such a personal thing- the biggest thing is to make it about your relationship and that decision, so it has to look really different from person to person. If you are trying to figure out what to do, I say brainstorm as much as you can about your proposal and it's details, and then see what ideas arise out of that. As long as there is some food, a little decoration, and some good conversations, you're good! Good luck!

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