Dissertation Progress- Getting Over Writer's Block

by - Friday, March 02, 2012

For every day the past two weeks I have been sure that the next day will be the one where things click and I really get writing. It hasn't happened yet, but I do think things are moving in the right direction. I just have had so much trouble really digging in, and the whole process is just very intimidating. I need to have a 14 page draft in by the end of next week and right now I have 2. This may seem totally doable (trust me, I have pushed out 10 pages in a lot shorter time) but within these 10 pages I am supposed to pack all of the information that I will be researching for 2 years and probably 200 pages. So today I am going through old ones and hopefully writing my first chapter synopsis, therefore adding 2 pages to the whole shebang. The whole thing is just so depressing, but I am trying to just ignore the angst and do it.

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