5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, March 27, 2012

from www.mutilus.com
1. At some point, I want to make these for someone. I am not actually capable of doing it right now, but I am sure someday I will be able to make these brains cupcakes.
from www.terminartors.com
2. Dan Flavin's Monuments to Tatlin- I have to do a talk on these at the Stanford Museum, which I am pretty nervous about, but I do get to look at lots of Flavin stuff for a few weeks. They are just fantastic and he is by far my favorite Minimalist, so that makes for a nice week of research.
3. The stuff Rochelle pins for me on pinterest- Shelly knows what I like, and its fun to see when she put stuff up for me. My favorite currently is the bride that promises to shoot her zombie husband in the head. I appreciate that logic. You can't love a zombie; really the only choice available is to shoot it in the head. Strange that brains would be a theme for this week, but I'll go with it.
from dellyyfo.tumblr.com
from spruethmagers.net
4.Anais Nin- Ok, this is an old one, but the obsession continued when I started reading letters between her and Henry Miller. Her letters to him are just about the most badass love letters ever.  She also was in Kenneth Anger's film Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome from 1954 (this is a still from the film). She is just like one of those figures where the more I learn about her, the cooler she gets.
5. Crab cakes and pea pancakes- It's my birthday week, so Nick will make me whatever I want for dinner, which is pretty awesome. Yesterday, we had the crab thingies and they are the best ones in the whole world. It feels very fancy to eat them, and they are delicious. This week has also shed light on the fact that we are slowly becoming pescatarians, which is probably a mixed bag, but I am currently excited about it.

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