5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, March 06, 2012

1. That Disneyland is one of the only places I know of, where everyone can wear silly hats without being judged- this shouldn't make me so happy, but who doesn't love silly outfits? Also, the hats look especially good with the 3-D glasses at the new Star Tours. It was really fun, though I would still say it is less awesome than space mountain, which is a bad ass roller coaster. Only Disney would have the guts to do a whole roller coaster in total darkness. I really had a great time at Disneyland, which you probably aren't supposed to say out loud, but man they really know how to design things.
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2. This plate- I am currently plotting our Fancy-versary and am trying to find some Peruvian stuff to really top of the event. So far llama-themed cake plates are the best things I have found. Maybe I will write on this whole deal later, but there really isn't any good model for celebrating the anniversary with your engagement, which I guess is how you end up with llama plates being your best idea.

from www.archiviocaltari.it
3. This Emily Dickinson comic by Tom Gauld. I can't help but love her, and I think this truly capture the very essence of her myth.
4.Barbled- The Boy is making me my own video game for his Windows phone, because I miss the (very similar) game I used to play on his Droid, back when he had one. Not only is my game super awesome just as a thought, but it is genuinely a good game now as well. Like everything works, and once there is an undo button, there will definitely be nothing else to ask for. It is maybe the best gift ever, and it wastes a ton of the time I should be spending on my dissertation, which is always a win. 
5. 48 Hours mystery shows- I don't really know when my love for law and order SVU slid into a love for true crime shows ( I suspect sometime around my ACE, when hating the world was a good passtime), but man I am like a moth to the flame with those things. They are all super compelling, but I can't describe them as anything more than my guiltiest guilty pleasure at this point. I think it makes the Boy worry, but I've noticed that other art history graduate students are super into it too. Why would it appeal to us? We like facts? We enjoy crime? We have a lot of pent up aggression? We enjoy seedy details? Probably all true, but bizarre all the same.

Bonus- They are doing a long Howard Hawkes series at the Stanford theatre this spring. I will be there literally all of the time. He is the best!

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