Wedding Wednesday- Pulling it all together

by - Wednesday, February 08, 2012

So, we haven't gotten that much new done for the wedding this week (except for stealing an embarrassing number of swatches in Home Depot), but I think we are at a neat point where the whole picture is starting to make sense, and now we are trying to choose details with the plot at hand in mind. I really have enjoyed all the wedding planning thus far, but in some ways it seems like things are getting really fun. Other than putting a suit on the Boy, everything that is left to do really is the cherry on top; people will be fed, dances will be danced, and (most importantly) we will get married- so any detail left should be a fun detail. 

Right now, the biggest debate (and I mean debate... never has a groom been so invested in his wedding, but I honestly think it is just fun for him to give me a hard time) is how exactly to do the details for the wedding party so everything clicks together. We all know I want red, but one of his groomsmen (the one who crowned himself sultan) is pushing for black ties and the Boy is on his side. . I get it, and honestly I don't care all that much, so this might just be a battle that I lose. I think that we could pull everyone together, but I think I would be the one that didn't totally fit! Strange, but certainly not a big deal. In most weddings, the bride is just the big white blob in the middle, anyway.
On the other hand, he is actually weirdly open to the bow tie all of the sudden, which is a battle I lost a while ago, but I think would be adorable and certainly works toward the classy nerd picnic theme. That is the new goal- pick details that say the theme, which is basically just "stuff N and B like."

I also think at this point we have solidly figured out what we would like the feel of both the reception and the cocktail hour to be. The dinner should feel like a really nice and warm family dinner, and the cocktail hour should feel like the kind of picnic where my Grammy might feel compelled to ride a hippity hop. Try and tell me this picture isn't amazing! (at the same time, I have to admit that this is another battle I am not winning). I am not sure all the pieces work together, but they all feel right and I am excited about them, so wedding stuff seems good right now.

can't find this one! how did this not go viral?

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