Wedding Wednesday- Looking at Pictures

by - Wednesday, February 01, 2012


 Ok, this week is pretty low key in terms of wedding planning stuffs, so here are just some pictures I have floating around on my computer. 
 Ok, I mostly really hate dress hanging pictures. I mean, I get the point, but they just get so weird! I saw ones with dresses hanging from birdfeeders and all sorts of nonsense. This one is alright, because there is something sweet about the front doors of the church you get married in. At the same time, a lot of these look like ghosts to me.

can't find this one! Such a bummer. 
May be my favorite whole bridal party picture ever.  The combination of balloons and jumping is just super cute, and they all have great expressions on their face.

This is genius because it truly captures the awkward grossness of kissing on command in front of a crowd and a camera. I share these kids' sentiments!

can't find this one either. This wedding pictures are killing me!
I am a sucker for the laying down bride and groom pictures. They are always so pretty and people actually do look more comfortable in them. I feel like it weirdly cuts out all of the people looking at you, plus, it could actually feel kind of restful.

Just love the chalkboards. I do love the pictures with the face covered!

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