The Bucket List Revised

by - Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's been a while since I looked at this, so I thought I would post it again with changes-

  1.  1.Go to Egypt and see the pyramids

2. 2. Visit Monument Valley

3. See the Northern Lights
4. Play trumpet in a band again

5. Go see Machu Pichu
6. Go to the Louvre
7. Take my mom to Scotland
8. Visit New Zealand
9. Get a cupcake tattoo
10. See the Taj Mahal
11. Volunteer on a regular basis
12. Raise a goldendoodle
13. Ride in Hot Air Balloon
14. Visit Hagia Sophia
15. Sell a photograph
16. Go to all 50 states

17. Learn to quilt
18. Run a 10k
19. Visit the continents
20. Write a letter to everyone I love
21. Go on Safari
22. Memorize a poem
23. Go fishing in Spain
24. Learn enough Italian to talk to Nick’s Dad
25. Join a church choir
26. Learn to belly dance
27. Go bungee jumping
28. Go to a shooting range
29. Visit the Grand Canyon
30. Visit the Great Barrier Reef
31. Visit the Fjords of Norway
32. Visit the Kremlin and the Hermitage in Russia
33. Learn to make stained glass windows
34. Take a cooking class
35. Get a PhD
36. Make the front page of a newspaper
37. Build a Habitat for Humanity house
38. Donate money to the Barrow
39. Buy one piece of fancy art
40. Become a college professor
41. Be a mom and the master of traditions
42. Go to Jerusalem
43. Go on Safari in Kenya
44. Be a wedding/ baby photographer
45. Go on a mission trip to Africa
46. Have my 50th anniversary with Nick
47. Write a travel blog
48. Spend a whole week just reading what I want to read
49. Attend Loy Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand.
50. Take Road Trip from Anchorage, along pacific coast down through BAHA, and to the southern tip of South America.
51. Learn how to take great pictures
52. Stay in a five star hotel and eat at a five star restaurant
53. Weigh in the 130’s
54. Get a 4.0 for at least one quarter at Stanford
55. Start painting again
56. Watch all the Muppet Show and Monkee episodes
57. Plant a garden (and some trees)
58. Truly Help someone
59. Write a book

60. Make bread
61. Go Whale Watching
62. Go to a Drive-in Movie Theater
63. Read books to my kids
64. Teach a summer Abroad program
65. Throw someone a surprise birthday party
66. Go to a bar mitzvah
67. Live in a weird house
68. Go to at least 50 countries (current count 12- China, Jamaica, US, Canada, Peru, Italy, Greece, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, The Netherlands)
69. Go Ice Blocking
70. Go to the Olympics

71. Do a Polar Bear swim on New Year’s Day


72. Go to the Imagine Peace Tower

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