Birthday Ideas for the Boy

by - Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ok, so I am banking on him not reading this, but I am pretty sure he doesn't, so we should be fine. The Boy's birthday is next monday and I am trying to think of how to best celebrate it with him. Usually, his family has come to visit it us (since his birthday is always conveniently near President's Day Weekend), but they aren't coming this year, so I am trying to think of something good.

The last few years, this is what we have done:

Last year, his parents were here on the day, so we drove around the city and ate at a restaurant with a mermaid with garlic bulb boobs. Generally, a win. 

The year before that, I made him cinammon rolls (and inaugurated the beloved Darth Vader candle) and we went to the computer History museum, which if nothing else was a show of solidarity on my part. He also really enjoyed the Babbage Machine, because he is cool like that. 

So I am trying to build off a little bit of good birthday momentum for a person who mostly doesn't get that excited about birthdays. There is one birthday tradition in place, which I got from Aunt Joanna and her family; we have a birthday week, where he picks all his favorite meals to go eat. He actually hates this, but I think he is slowly turning around (the other problem of course is that I am incapable of cooking anything more complicated than pancakes). We fight about nothing more then what to eat, so this really puts the pressure on him.

This year is also not super exciting because he already knows what he is getting, which is wedding stuff, because all holidays between now and the wedding are really just opportunities to buy things that are too silly to put in our actual wedding budget. I personally enjoy this, but I am still hoping for a few good surprises for him- as well as one very glamorous pair of shoes:

So, here  is the dilema- how do you celebrate on a Monday Night with someone who mostly doesn't want to celebrate? I was thinking about learning how to cook something he loves to surprise him, but that is super risky, because again I can't cook.

I was thinking about a themed date night- potentially Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? I was thinking maybe even do a marathon viewing on Sunday and then really just have a straightforward chill day on the actual day. The question becomes, can I figure out Lord of the Rings themed food? Is that just like eating at Medieval Times- no forks, big meat? Can I find elf ears on short notice?

Also if the weather stays nice, we could probably do some sort of hike, but I am not sure that is his kind of fun. We would be better off playing Wii Sports all day (that could be an idea).

I also thought about Pottery Painting, which is one of those things we used to do and was really fun, but we haven't gone for a long time.

Oooooh! (Can you tell I am using this as a brainstorm?) I could also sign us up for a cooking or dancing class, which is one of those things we've talked about doing, but we've never gone for it!

We could also do ice blocking, where you sit on ice and kind of scoot down a hill, but I don't know where to do it or where you buy a block of ice! Still a California thing that we need to do!

Ok, so these are my current ideas. I would like to do something where we do all his favorite things in one day, but I don't think that is even possible! I will have to keep thinking about it, but I don't have much time! Maybe I will just give in and play one on one Trivial Pursuit.

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