Wedding Wednesday Vendor Love- Minted

by - Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ok, so I think one of the more useful things I can do in wedding prep is talk about the people we gave money to who ended up being really awesome. I'll be honest, so far we have been really happy with everyone in route to wedded-ness, but I know things don't always work like that, so we can at least give a heads up of people we have dealt with who went above and beyond. 
I started obsessing about this save the date on pretty soon after we got engaged, and I send this image to other vendors when I am trying to give them an idea of the feeling/color of the wedding. When I finally chose a picture and put the information in, not only did I get a draft back really quickly, but they actually moved all of the flags down so you can see more of the photo booth without me even asking for it. They are very straightforward about pricing and give you the choice to use all recycled paper. 

They sent us our cards really quickly, and in person they were 10 times cuter than the picture. The whole thing looked great and was a fun little way to tell people that the wedding is coming up. They also do wedding and shower  invitations and all sorts of stuff!

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