Wedding Wednesday- Top Ten First Blush Photos Engagement Pictures in San Francisco

by - Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ok, it has been quite a while since we got our engagement pictures back, and I thought I would blog some of the pictures we liked and some advice for good pictures (especially if you are taking them in the San Francisco area.

1. First of all, I should say that our photographers were the fantastic Chris Padgett and Rachel Reinders who make up First Blush Photography (you can check out their work here: I would highly recommend getting photographers you really like, and don't feel too awkward around. Especially if you are as awkward as the Boy and I are. I think this picture is my absolute favorite because it is by the end of the day, when I really didn't care anymore. I would even kiss on command, which I think is really a lot to ask from everyone. I also like this picture (on the cliffs by Sutro Baths) because you get to enjoy that Northern California coast without it being cliche or having the Golden Gate bridge behind it (so super cliche).

 2. We tried to do a whole themed thing where we got lost/had a flat tire/ played with maps. I am not in love with all of it, but I do really enjoy the map hats, which was Chris's idea and mostly Nick's creation. This picture is truly bizarre as engagement pictures go, which is pretty much why I love it.

 3. Other than Sutro Baths, I would really recommend pictures at Muir Woods or around some Redwoods. They are scene stealers, but in a good way. I like the pictures that are really gorgeous and only happen to have us in it. Also, this is the first thing we did that day, so the further away the camera was the better. I am not sure what my advice would be to someone who has trouble like I do. I mean, I think a certain amount of the solution is to just get over yourself, but that's easier said than done. 

4. Also, I would say embrace the silliness. This is at Musee Mechanique, which is part of the craziness at the Fisherman's Wharf. If you can find situations where stupid faces work, I would suggest doing this first. Also, I think this outfit was the best one I picked. 

5. Another one of those pictures that is mostly just really good and barely has us in it. You have to love that San Francisco fog (though honestly, this picture does feel really cool to me because of it). This is probably the only picture from the whole day that I would blow up and hang in my house.  Try to have a plan of what you want to do or where you could go, and then just let the photographers pick from the options. Letting them be in charge is important.

6. My other advice would be to focus on the person you are marrying as much as possible. You like them and unless you are really making a horrible mistake with your life, you probably feel pretty comfortable around them too.  They say the goal is for it to feel like a date where the photographer comes along. I did not get that vibe, but maybe that is because of the strangeness of the circumstances (Chris and Rachel were exhausted from travel, and I just felt so bad for them!)

7. Sutro Baths is disgusting, especially that water which is probably baking up some germs the world has never seen, but damn does it photograph well.  I am not even sure why else you would go to this place, except for having your picture taken, but I actually want to go back someday to take pictures, because I think it would be a fun place to play around. By this point we were all freezing, and I think Chris and Rachel were running out of steam and just wanted to put their feet in the ocean and go lie down (not to mention the light was going), so we didn't play around very long. Someday, I will make the Boy go back and be my model.

8. I just think this one is really cute, and I haven't seen it so many times before. Another set of pictures at the Musee Mechanique. I highly support going there to take pictures. Also, I am not sure it is this iteration, but in one of this series my ring looks like one giant beam of light, which is hilarious and makes me feel like I was about to summon Captain Planet. 

9. Wear cute shoes. The photographers were really excited about our shoes, and it makes sense now because there are quite a few pictures of just our feet (including this one which was our save the date). Plus, it is always good to have an excuse to wear shoes you are excited about. 

10. Try to enjoy it. Most likely, this is the only time people will follow us around with cameras, and even though I am much more enthusiastic behind the camera, I am sure glad we did it. If all that came out of it was that by the end of the day I was relatively comfortable (which hopefully will carry into wedding pictures) then I think the day was mostly a success. Plus, they take some crazy good pictures, so I am sure we will be glad we have them later. Yay engagement pictures!

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