Wedding Wednesday- Invitations

by - Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ok, so the next big decision to be made (other than the boy's suit, which he is hard at work at), is invitations. All the paper stuff is so weird in a lot of ways, because it is probably the only time your party will be so formal it even needs a fussy paper package. All the wedding blogs and Knotties and so forth say the key is to choose something that sets the tone; these are the ones I liked so far-

Ok, I saw this at the very beginning of our wedding planning, and now that I see how fast this whole thing goes, I am just blown away that the bride made these herself. She must kill at DIY, and have oodles and oodles of free time. 

from rifle paper co.
These were my absolute favorite, but it is just so expensive to do something like this. Honestly, I can't imagine that when  someone is planning their wedding, one of their top fiscal priorities is the paper goods. Like "who cares if people eat, I want a personalized super-cutesy invitation!" Not only that, but how much do people really need to see your face?

So I gave up on the fanciest stuff (good bye Oh My Deer... you will always be the calligrapher of my dream billionare wedding), I started poking around on my beloved Etsy. These ones are cool because  the cool detail and design is in the envelope. And I just love the font.

Another great resource is Minted, which has a ton of options and you can get your invitations done on all recycled paper. This is one of my favorite designs, and if we'd gone the kraft way instead of the grey way, I think this probably would have been the winner. 

The other Minted winner. It is just so cute! I love this. 

Ok, I am obsessed with the color of this envelope. If that other envelope was light grey, this whole set would be pretty perfect. 

I've never gotten a wedding invitation that wasn't pretty serious, so I just like these last two because they are actually funny/awesome.  Every wedding invite deserves a pig with a top hat. In fact, maybe I will start giving those to other people as wedding gift. Pigs in top hats would be just perfect.

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