Wedding Wednesday- 7 Things I love for 7 Months Out!

by - Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I cannot believe we are more than half way there already, and to be honest, I feel like we have so much done and decided, but I am starting to wonder if you just always feel that way the whole time, until the end when you freak out that not enough is done. I am sure that is coming. So here are some things floating around the internet that I love. 
1. The straps on this dress- I love that the straps aren't overly thick or overwrought, but they continue the textured feel of the bodice. Might be a nice alternative to the bolero.

2. Obviously this one is old, but I do love it. Hilarious without it being over the top.

3. Bridesmaids with tights- Ok, I can't even talk my bridesmaids into quirky shoes, but I absolutely love these tights. So cute, but just the kind of thing that will look dated and ridiculous in like 5 minutes.  I should try to jump the trend with some knee socks and leg warmers.

4.  I Just thought this was a cute look for programs. It's a lot with the ribbon, but I enjoy it.

5. Oh tissue paper flowers, your materials now fill my apartment and your visage haunts my dreams. This will probably be a ridiculous undertaking, but doesn't it look so cute and fresh? You can't fight the effectiveness of the color. 

6. Now that the bridesmaids and bride are dressed, I have started poking around at mother of the bride dresses. This one is currently my favorite- I think it looks demure and mature without being an evening gown covered in a blazer. I have no problem with that look, but I feel like something like this might be more comfortable and certainly seems closer to my mom's personality-Not to mention this looks so flattering and the ruching in the middle will give anyone a cute shape. from J Crew. 


7. I just think this is adorable, but the Boy wants to keep the church as plain as possible. We'll see; my will is strong!

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