Favorite Dresses from the Golden Globes

by - Monday, January 16, 2012

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Firstly, I love a good girly vintage look, and both Julie Bowen and Charlize Theron have it big time. I think it's cool on Julie Bowen because she doesn't dress that way often, plus the hair gives the whole look a late 40's/ Grace Kelly kind of feeling. Charlize's dress, but even more so her hair, reminds me of Jeanetter MacDonald or the Ziegfield girls. I love the hair, and the dress really is pretty. 

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Nicole Richie did this Mod Glam thing that no one else really had going on, but that made it just seem that much more interesting (plus, that girl can pull off some serious bangs). It looks a bit like chain mail, but I am feeling it. I hope things move in this direction for award season, because I enjoy it (and Zooey Deschanel and her lady mutton chops really weren't bringing it tonight). 

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This dress on Viola Davis combines two of my favorite trends- wine color dresses and the leg slit. Plus she looks really pretty, while still being comfortable, and her hair looks amazing. If I had to wear one color the rest of my life it might be this one.

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Kelly Osborne just looked adorable, silver hair and all. 

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Still, my favorite of all was winner Octavia Spencer. This dress is just super figure flattering (take note Melissa McCarthy and stop hiding!), while still maintaining a certain level of modesty. Just because you are curvier doesn't mean you should try to hide under too much volume- dresses like these highlight every beautiful part of her figure. Curvy! Plus, this color on her looks amazing; it was her night and she dressed like it. A+

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