Dissertation Progress Friday - The List

by - Saturday, January 07, 2012

 Yes Loyal Readers (so, mostly my immediate family), I am going to use my blog to force myself to reflect on my weekly progress on my dissertation. Bwa ha ha. If I have to admit to someone on a regular basis that I did nothing, than maybe I will do something. Today, I completed the monumental task of clearing my carrel of all my coursework books, then filling it up with dissertation-y stuff! That's a legit move- right?

So, this week I sent my adviser my list of potential topics, and we'll meet next week. So this week has been stressing over  the people on my list and the perfect and most historically justified combination of three badass lady artists. The three possible combos (with future trimming) are:

Option 1: 1. Valie Export2. Gina Pane 3. Joan Jonas4. Yoko Ono 5.Laurie Anderson (the back up is Marina Abramovic) (More about film)

Option 2 Valie again 6.Katharina Sieverding 8. Ulrike Rosenbach (Maybe Rebecca Horn?)

Option 3: Valie, Katharina Sieverding 7. Zoe Leonard10. Eleanor Antin (More about photography)

So, now I am writing long precis about these people and their work and trying to figure out whether their scenes overlapped and so forth. Someday.

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