5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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1. That The Help won the SAG Award, and that Bridesmaids was in the running. At all these award shows, somebody always makes a comment about how there are great roles for women. They are mostly really really lying. There is one role for a woman. Let the past few years' cast winners illustrate:
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Saddest part, I could have kept going probably back until the beginning.  So it really is a huge win this year that 2 films dominated by female actresses were nominated, and even more kickass that one of them actually won. Here's to good films that have a shot to win the Bechdel test, because this world is 50% made of women, it only makes sense that the tables would turn eventually. Please Hollywood, hear my cry. I get that you are going to make some dumb shit with superheros and one set of heavy titties because people like that, but you could make some other stuff too, preferably in worlds where there is more than one woman worth hearing from (even more amazingly if its not just because some 19 year old boy thinks she's hot). It would make me so happy, and I promise I would give you lots of my money.
2. Happy news from good friends- Is there anything better in the world than seeing your friends really really happy? Especially when they have been waiting so long for it. I like watching award shows because I like happy things to people, but it is way better when they are people you know and like. To love people is always a risk (of loss, of all sorts of negativity and ickiness), but this feels like the payoff. God bless a week with so much good news.
3. My boyfriend's hate for glee- his disdain is far more entertaining than anything that's been on the show ever. I can't even flip past it without a pretty dramatic reaction.
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4.This Picture- Isn't it the truth? Feeling very frustrated with the politics in Pennsylvania lately. It is also concerning to me that someone like Rick Santorum could be a viable candidate for anything, much less our nation's president.
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5.  Fluxus Newspapers- We were looking at the originals from the locked stacks today, and they are just so amazing and hilarious. Can't stop thinking about the way they are using language and imagery from spectacle, and the way these could be linked to avant garde film at the time too. I don't know. Still formulating, but I want to look at these again!

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