5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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1. This picture of  Joe Pa eating ice cream- it's strange the stuff people have been trotting out to mourn this week, though it is such a strange sadness to cope with. In a way, he is such an icon that he will continue living on in the capacity most of us know him in- as a symbol of Penn State and its culture (for good or bad), but this picture is a strange reminder that he was just a little old man, that he was a person, a person we only saw from a distance, and that the loss we feel is probably nothing to what his family feels. I have been thinking about him a lot since he passed away, and I am not sure I have a coherent argument to articulate, but I know it all makes me very very sad. Part of that has something to do with this picture, and part of it has to do with memory and what symbolic uses and memories we have of each other.
2. Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream and the boy who sometimes brings it to me- yesterday I had ice cream and today I had a doughnut. You can tell I'm angsty because I am looking for happiness in food, but I am pretty sure that the strategy works (at least on the short term if I do my Zumba too).
3. Jonah Hill and Melissa McCarthy's Oscar nominations- I don't know why exactly, but these two nominations make me really happy, even if Hill made it over the beloved Ryan Gosling. I like when good things happen to people who aren't just Meryl Streep and George Clooney. When good things happen to them it is just boring. Plus, Jonah Hill has to be the first person with an Oscar nomination and a Fox cartoon at the same time. May we all be as lucky.
4. Jezebel- definitely my favorite blog that isn't written by a family member. Love it.
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5. Photographs of Ziegfeld girls- there is no reason for this, except I like the juicy ethereal feel of them. I am sure they have some misogynistic history I would be shocked and appalled by, but they are addicting to look at, and they all do look beautiful with really cool style.

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