5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1.  Facebook's cover photos- I could care less about all the other changes, but I love seeing what people choose for their picture up top. It is weirdly telling about them, and much more interesting than just pictures of them looking attractive.

2. Etsy valentine's day cards- for serious, they have some of the cutest and funniest cards ever. Even if you think it's an evil holiday, there is probably a good bunch of cards for that too, and you aren't giving your money to some evil conglomerate, just a person with some talent and a tiny little store. If I could, I would by everything from Etsy, but valentine's day is a great opportunity to give gifts that are a little more creative.
3. MLK Jr Day of Service- Just about the best idea ever, and I hope it continues to catch on. This year, I tried to do something for my department, where we had a dinner and talked about the ways we could serve our students better and how a constant push towards generosity and kindness towards students could change how our department worked. The kindest and most generous faculty member spoke there. Who knows if it did anything (I almost always feel like my efforts at school are never enough), but it felt like something. Our church doesn't do anything, but one of the campus ministries does, so I think that I might take that up next year, but I think there is something in remembering how what we do daily can be service. I am trying to figure out how to best continue that part of my intellectual mission, especially since it is the part I cared the most about in the first place. I know I could do better on all fronts, so we are doing a Habitat for Humanity project next month, and I hope things keep moving from there.

from etsy.com
4. This print- Another Etsy find- this one is from MaryKateMcDevitt's store, which seems to be a lot of great quotes in even cooler forms. I love it.
5. Everything Craig Owens ever Wrote- Craig Owens is probably my favorite art critic of all time, and I spent the day re-reading his articles that mention Laurie Anderson. Just the chance to grapple with him might make my dissertation that much more exciting (to me, of course, not to anyone else). I am super excited for that chance, and I am just hoping I can chat some more with someone about the dissertation soon!

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