Wedding Wednesday- Bridesmaid Dreams (and Actual Decisions!)

by - Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This week, driven by the Christmastime sales, my bridesmaids bought J Crew dresses in Spiced Wine in chiffon (the same basic deal that are in these two pictures). I think the color is beautiful, and I saw the swatch, but the girls have started getting their dresses in and they say it looks pink. Now technically, I have no problem with the color pink, but it does kill one of my favorite wedding dreams, which was that everyone would wear red shoes with me at the wedding. The MOH says it will majorly clash.


I mean, in some ways this is no surprise. People don't often talk about putting plumy/ red-y purples with straight up red. Maybe it does clash, but it was the dream, and I think it could have been really cute and fun (see if some hipster would like this combo, I think it could still work).  Plus, if it does look like the red hat ladies, we can all just see it as reflective of my old lady personality. Red and purple are a nice combo and I think they go with the flowers I am thinking of.

still can't find, but i still love it

At the same time, maybe having all these things going on is major overkill, and it certainly doesn't go with my general plan to potentially tone my crazy Barbara color lusting down. Plus, if the dresses really are more raspberry than purple or plum (which, if that is the case, boo hiss on J Crew for making them look so purple! They look purple in the pictures up top, right?), that really truly does clash big time. I can't probably find any ads with hipster starlets wearing raspberry and red together. Which means that maybe I will have to choose between neutral shoes (grey probably) or having people return their dresses for the grey. 

At the same time, I can't help but feel kind of sad and indignant if these things really do look bad together. I mean, people do much crazier color things at their wedding!
(Come on though, those fans are ridiculously amazing, you have to admit).

So, this weekend I will head back to Pennsylvania and hopefully at least see my two future sister-in-laws' dresses. If it really doesn't work, I guess everyone can exchange them (I actually know that is pretty easy with J Crew, but it is still a pain for them). I am kind of dreading it, because I don't want people to think I am being a bridezilla or whatever, but I do love color, so that part has to work. So we will see. Maybe the key is to give up the red shoes instead, but I love that idea so much! Silly dramas, but I can't really decide until I see the dresses anyway. And either way, it will be fine!


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  1. I think if J crew promised you plum, you should have plum...