2011- How'd We Do

by - Thursday, December 29, 2011

 Ok, so last year at the end of December, I made a list of my goals for 2011. I didn't exactly blow it away, but here's the score:

1. Go see Machu Pichu- I am not sure whether this trip will really happen, but boy do I want it to. I watched the Bourdain trip to Peru the other night, and other than the eating guinea pigs part, it looked awesome. I've been thinking Nick and I should go on some mountain hikes to prepare ourselves for all the high altitude stuff.- This one we made happen. Pretty soon after Christmas, we bought our tickets and had one of the best (and most delicious) trips I've taken so far in my life. I loved it.  It was definitely the highlight of 2011.
2. Get a tattoo- I just keep talking about doing this, but next year I think I will really do it. The only question is where should I put it? Major Fail! I was hoping to get it sometime this week, but it still hasn't happened. I need to just not be a wuss and make it happen, because I would still really like to get one!
3. Run a 10k- This is pretty self explanatory. Right now the furthest I have run is 5 miles, but 6.2 isn't really that much further. Plus, I wouldn't care if I won or anything, I just think it would be cool to run one race. I actually gave up on running about mid-way through the year when I discovered the wonder which is Zumba. I still run every so often, but I find I am better at aerobic, cardio-ish workouts rather than running, because I just get bored! I guess I failed at this one, but I am proud of my general progress.
4. Figure out this whole Blog Thing- Obviously, I don't really know what I am doing with this whole blog. It mostly has become a journal-y sort of thing, which I am pretty sure no one would ever want to read. But I like actually keeping up with it, and it's better than only ever writing formal papers. But I need to figure a way to make it more interesting. I don't know if it is a success or not, but I certainly blogged a lot more this year than in other ones. Plus, when you blog about wedding stuff, people care a lot more about what you are saying. On the other hand, all the rest of the stuff has pretty much stayed the same, and I am still not sure there is much for people to be interested in, but maybe I will have it figured out more next year.
5. Weigh in the 130’s- Because that would be nice. I did this!! It was very exciting. Still could do better (especially around the holidays), but I am pretty excited about how much healthier we are living than we were before. Plus, I like more vegetables than I thought! How about that!
6. Get a 4.0 for at least one quarter at Stanford- also would be nice. Still possible for this quarter, actually, but let's see how it goes. I think I did fulfill this goal that semester, so I basically gave myself a head start on that one.

7. Survive Wedding Season- apparently everyone in the world is getting married next year. I think the majority of our travel will be from one wedding venue to the next. I would, as a side note, like to throw one really good bachelorette party. We definitely went to a lot of parties this year, and I think we had some level of fun at all of them. The strangest thing I am noticing now is that next year won't be any better, as if these things never really stop.

8. Learn to make my own bread- Got a breadmaker from Nick for Christmas, so the odds of this one working out seem pretty good. I did this! Yay bread (and lots of it)!
9. Meet a famous scholar- we are going to CAA this year (oh I need to buy tickets for that!) I am hoping to meet a feminist scholar without making an ass of myself. We'll see if it happens, but if nothing else, we can try. I met a whole bunch of famous people this year! And I was super awkward to all of them!! Still, it was pretty amazingly cool for an art nerd like me.

10. Go somewhere unexpected- I am just hoping for a little adventure. I am not ready for my life to be totally settled yet. In February, we went to New York for CAA (which is where I got to see so many big fancy artists and art historians and critics), but I also got to go on a long walk in Central Park, eat New York pizza, and go to the Met and MoMA for free! This one was great!

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