10 Favorite Meals in 2011

by - Friday, December 02, 2011

Ok, I am no foodie, but this year I had a lot of great meals- this is my my first Top Ten of 2011.

10. For one of our best dates ever, Nick and I went strawberry picking on the coast (you could actually hear the sea lions while you were picking). The strawberries were great on their own, but we made our first ever strawberry pie, and it was super delicious.
9.Pizza in New York City- After a long day and a trip to the MoMA, Dorian, Sanaz, and I went to a pizza place in New York that was super great. New York Pizza has a great reputation for a good reason!
8. Fish with Garlic sauce and papas a las Huancaina- There is a lot of food from our week in Peru, but what can I say, they have some of the best food ever! I ate the garlic fish twice, and we had Papas Huancainas pretty much everyday. This particular time was our meal out the day we got engaged, so it is sentimental too!

7. Salmon Kabobs and Grapefruit Rice- Before Nick and I went to Peru, we tried making our own Peruvian food. The ceviche I made was truly awful, but this grilled salmon with cilantro and grapefruit in the rice. It was awesome!!! Putting cilantro (and eventually corn) in rice was one of the best things we worked up this year.

6. Quinotto- We had this at Fallen Angel, which it probably my favorite restaurant I went to this year- they turned Francisco Pizzaro's old house into a super campy restaurant and part time gay club. This is quinoa cooked with cream and lots of veggies like a rissotto. It was so amazing, but I couldn't even finish it, because it was so rich! Plus, you get distracted from eating when the table is a bathtub filled with goldfish.

5. Amanda's Sprinkle Cupcakes- Paige and I tried this for my dad's wife's shower. You basically make five different colors of cake batter and make the cake look like rainbow sand art. They tasted like vanilla cake, so it wasn't exactly a mind blower, but they were so fine to eat out of and they looked even prettier in real life. Definitely one of my best baking experiments thus far.
4. Salmon Ravioli- Last night, we went out for a department dinner at La Strada. I got a special which was salmon and halibut in ravioli with peas and tomato sauces with big prawns on top. I know it doesn't sound that awesome, but it was freaking amazing. I am already trying to talk Nick into coming back with me, but only when I know that special is back! Plus, I am a sucker for anything with peas, which are pretty much the greatest discovery of my adult life.
3. Chocolate cake from Cafe de Inka- This is the best cake ad the most delicious ice cream ever. In the course of one week, we came back three times to eat this. It was even better because it came with an all Shania Twain soundtrack and it was an easy walk from our hotel. If you go to Cuzco, you have to get dessert at this restaurant.
2. Prawn and Potato Appetizer thing- Ok, so I don't know exactly what it was, but this stuff was so good!  Another gem from Fallen Angel in Cuzco. Also, it seems very dorky to adocate for micro greens, but man micro greens are delicious. I can tell I am really a grown up now, because I liked this even better than the cake. Probably one of the most yummy things I have ever eaten in my whole life.
1. Moffitt family Thanksgiving Dinner- Ok, so the food was pretty much what you would expect for thanksgiving dinner, but it was like the happiest meal ever because we were all together. Also, there were crescent rolls and stuffing, which is pretty much enough to make me happy forever. Best meal all year!

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