Wedding Wednesday (on Friday)- Making Progress

by - Friday, November 04, 2011

So, now that I am done with my exams we are making actual progress on our wedding stuff, which is encouraging, because we really had like nothing done.

We were debating for a ridiculously long time about what neutral color we could use to balance out the all the reds oranges and purples. We finally settled on grey, which I think will be great but I have to let all the kraft stuff go. But I think grey will be nice and go with all of the sort of industrial feeling of Anchor Village (and the trope of robots that seems to be arising).

ugh! flowers are the worst to find with the distance of time

I love love love these flowers. Not as great as the other bouquet, but definitely my second favorite now. 

With the grey, I am not thinking about how we can work in grey gingham throughout the wedding, especially in the cocktail hour.


 But I am thinking a table that looks kind of like this (but with a white table cloth and bolder flowers). Anyway, this weekend we will start putting the favors into place and sending out the save the dates that just came in. Beyond that, the other big goal for the month is to work out the wedding dress dramas. If I can get these things done, I feel like I will be on the right track.

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