Wedding Wednesday- Design your own Wedding shoes?

by - Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So, for a while, I have been poking around on this website called Milk and Honey, where you can design your own shoes. To me, this is absolutely genius, and I get to wear these shoes but with really tiny heels. I am so excited about them! I debated about what exactly to get, but I think it will be nice to wear a little heel on my wedding, to feel fancy.

Not only is the website great (and it gives you an opportunity to basically get whatever shoe you can dream up) but when I had tech problems, they had a chat online so I could talk to this really nice girl named Dorian who helped me work it out, joked around about their tech problems, and even gave me opinions on what would look the best. She wanted to know my wedding date because they like to get things moving for their brides, and she asked me to send them a picture of me on the day with my shoes! As I poked around the website, I realized that Dorian wasn't just a really exceptional employee, but she is one of the owners! So if you are like me and want to give your money to small businesses, I would highly recommend this one, based on the super pleasant experience alone (I don't usually think of online companies like this, except etsy, but I bet you can run into as many small companies on the interwebs as you can in the real world, if you know where to look). Yay Milk and Honey!

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