5 Things I Love this Week

by - Thursday, November 10, 2011

1. First and foremost, Penn State University. It was never a football team to me, and I continue to be grateful for it and proud of it, despite the week it has had. If all Penn State had given me was the Writing Center, it would have been more than I could have ever hoped for. In the words of the fantastic former tutor Claire:
Inept Penn State administrators shirked their responsibilities as victim advocates and deserve to suffer consequences. That being said, I'm proud to have been part of one of many Penn State communities--the Writing Center--that promotes empowerment against victimization and oppression. Let's not diminish the good work of Penn State because of the deplorable action (or inaction) of a select few.
2. Howl's Moving Castle- The plot was all sorts of nonsense, but this movie was so pretty to look at. And as much as the plot was totally kooky, it was in the kind of way you actually dream when you are a kid. And it is fun to see the heroine be a pretty fabulous girl hero. I would let my kids watch that movie, for sure.
from toutfait.com
3. Duchamp's LHOOQ- sure it is a kind of bratty trick, but this piece makes me smile every time. One of my students told me tonight that it translates to her crotch is on fire, which is only funny if you are talking about the Mona Lisa.
4. My cousin Ben's twitter- Ben_Jones88- It has seriously blown up this week and he is up to 8000 followers. If you are interested in the goings on at Penn State but need to read it with slightly less emotional nonsense, he is the perfect source. I seriously could not be prouder of how that kid is getting into sports journalism through commitment and pure enthusiasm.

5. Searching Beaches with Melissa- Bonny Doon is a new favorite. It was a really fun bit of day. Aquarium tomorrow.

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