5 Things I Love this Week

by - Wednesday, November 02, 2011

 1. Sleeping from 10pm to 9 am- the downside of this is that we both have horrible colds, but we at least got a whole lot of rest. Still, I have a big pile of papers to grade and a section to prep for, so I have plenty to catch up on.

2. Franklin High School Marching Band- Especially a flute player and trumpet player that stand conveniently next to one another for sweet dance breaks.
3. Visits with my grandparents- An hour with Dotty and Scotty is pretty much better than a whole day with anybody else. Same for Bill and Marilyn. I am not sure many people in their mid-twenties genuinely think their grandparents are the best, but even if there are some they are wrong because mine are seriously the best.
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4. Dance Central 2 for Kinect- Specifically, I love that you can do an exercise setting for 2 people. I would never abandon Beto completely, but I am trying to svelte back up after all the ACE craziness, and it is nice to have more than one work out option (especially since I have essentially abandoned running. It's fun to do with the Boy, and I am actually better at it than he is, which is a video game first for me. It also is addictive enough that we play for an hour and a half so we are so sore.
5. Our save the dates! Nick's mom says it looks inappropriate, but I love that they aren't overly cutesy or boring, with just us smiling or something. We get them in the next week, so I cannot wait to send them out!

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