Wedding Week- Making and Choosing a Website

by - Sunday, October 23, 2011

So, that is right, I can talk about my wedding all week, because my big payoff for passing my ace is getting to make some actual wedding decisions. Since I stopped blogging that regularly, Nick's brother's fiance started planning their wedding, and they pretty much have the whole thing done. The point of this is that clearly we have fallen behind, and the best way to fix that is blog incessantly. Because I can!

Last weekend, when I was still working away on my Orals presentation (maybe I will write a post about this later, but I am still in denial), the boy made a decision on which website to go with. I thought he would go for something a little less girly. I tried to show him some other designs, but this is what he wanted. I think it was the birds.He is a sucker for wildlife. The thing most confounding to me about Wedding Jojo is that their fake sites all show couples on their wedding day. Isn't this the opposite of the point?

Anyway, like anything else wedding-related, there are a ton of options and it is easy to be seduced into thinking that if you don't have the website with 52 different applications and options you will inevitably be a disappointment to your guests. I am pretty sure that isn't how it works, but now that I do have the time to load it up with stuff, Nick and I have been all over it. It becomes a question of how to set a fun tone from the outset, so people have fun looking at the website for however long they are bored enough to do so. Anyway, I figure I will have it pretty loaded up by the actual wedding, but for now things are still pretty bare, but its fun to see what Nick adds, and it makes me laugh. Who knew.

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