Wedding Wednesday- What we learned from Johnny and Ashley (and Other Current Obsessions)

by - Wednesday, September 21, 2011

 We are still thinking of things about the Boy's brother's wedding, and we really loved the having everything at the same place (even though that is definitely not happening for us). We also learned that coctail hour really sets the stage, and really good coctail snackies (like bruscetta and crab cakes) make life so much happier. I also really liked the cucumber water, but Nick was not all about it.

Head tables are kind of the worst- You are at this big long table and really the only person you can talk to is on your left and right. Plus, you just feel like you are the center of attention as you eat, which is kind of awkward. Plus, by then, the poor wedding party deserves a break from each other. It really was just fine, and it was nice that they put significant others at the table, but it was hard to have a conversation there!

Lighting makes a huge difference- You can make a huge impact in a not that fancy room just by throwing some light around. The room just looked gorgeous and I loved all the pretty colors.

Also, I am currently obsessed with dahlias, which we see every time we go do flowers for church.They come in the prettiest warmest colors.

These are my favorite invitationy things so far. Very very cute.

Robot cake toppers!

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