Wedding Wednesday- Good-bye Melissa Sweet

by - Wednesday, September 07, 2011


So this week, I got an email from Priscilla of Boston (as I imagine, many brides did) that they were closing. I called the store, because I still really wanted to try Melissa Sweet's Fern on again, since it was my favorite dress I had tried so far. They said they were sending out an email on a huge sample sale, so I better hurry my butt in there.

So off I went, to try it on one more time. Truth be told, I absolutely love this dress, and I think in other circumstances it could have been the one (its definitely the one I probably looked the best in so far). It is very me, but it is not exactly us. We are not really going the vintage route for this wedding, and I was hoping for the dress to be a little more playful and fun (while still being St John's appropriate). Plus, I am not sure I could have made the decision (even in a crunch) without my mom, or at least some sort of support. So I let it go. I am assuming someone else bought the sample already, and it is only a matter of time until the used one I have been obsessively checking on will be out too. I don't feel that sad, so I figure that is a good sign.
 The other thing that made me feel like maybe I was not quite there yet is that I actually liked this dress- Harlow- better. It has the cutest, most lively lace on it ever, so it has a sense of formality from afar and play from close up. Kind of like a mullet with distance. I headed back to the store to get the pictures my mom wanted, but she said it looked frumpy from the back and side (as I have looked it up online, and now I kind of think the poofy skirt would work that way). So it was out too, even though it was the closest to what I think I want so far. Even though I really liked both dresses, I just sort of had to let it go, because unless I was super sure, it just wasn't going to happen without my mom. So I had a moment where I thought it was over, but I am still working it out.Knowing the store was closing puts a bigger pressure on things, which I was hoping might propel me into a decision, but it was to no avail. They could threaten me with losing them all they wanted, and I still felt fine walking away. There are many many many freaking dresses in the world.

My mom is coming back in a few weeks, so hopefully between my ACE-related nervous breakdowns she and I can go get this over with. No matter what it will be fine. I would write about something else, but my sort of faux panicked trip to Santana Row was literally the only time I have thought about the wedding this week.

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