5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1. Our engagement pictures- I can only speak to the ones I have seen on the website (as I anxiously wait to see the rest of them), but they are pretty cute. Chris and Rachel at First Blush Photos are super talented, and you can check out their work here:


2. The Luxor- after the wedding excitement, the boy and I wanted to stay at one of the hotels on the Strip, because I am willing to wager we will never go back to Las Vegas. The hotel was really awesome, and is actually like totally hollow inside, which really surprised me. I love that they go to all this trouble for all these dorky little "Egyptian" touches, and then you turn the corner and its a Starbucks. It's totally campy in a way that I love, but since I don't enjoy gambling, alcohol, or Starbucks, once I've seen all the over-the-topness, I am not sure what else I would do (I know see a show or whatev). Going into a Las Vegas casino is like entering a self-sustaining (and almost Jamesonian-ly unmanageable) world, so a whole day of running through them is exhausting, but I really love the ones that have a theme and take it seriously, so the Luxor and Paris are my absolute favorites.
3. Photobooths at Weddings- Maybe this will be totally played out by the time we have our wedding, but the photobooth was super fun. Anything that puts Nick's brother in a viking hat is ok with me.
4. Reading something really good- I have definitely saved the clunkers of my reading for the end, so I am super psyched now when I read something I actually am really interested in.
5. 4 year olds- I want to be 4 and just be amazed by everything again. Petey was for serious the life of the party, and for good reason; the kid danced through the entire wedding and I think he had a better time than pretty much anyone. I just get jealous of his totally self-sustaining joy- that must be why people are continually seeking youth. Everyone wants to just sustain that excitement at everything. He got excited about the light in the back of the rental van. Still, his enthusiasm is totally infectious, which is probably why people choose to reproduce.

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