Wedding Wednesday (on Thursday)- Wedding Shoes and Blankets

by - Thursday, August 11, 2011


So rather than actually trying to figure things out, I found  a shoe place this week where you can design your own shoes (Milk and Honey) and have been playing with red polka dot shoes with really short heels (like an inch and a half). This is the closest to what I have been making, but I seriously love red shoes. Is that an acceptable wedding theme?

So I have been trying to figure out what colors the bridesmaids could wear and still all get their own pairs of red shoes. I am kind of into the purple and red combo, except they would all look like red hat ladies. I also saw teal and red combos, but I think maybe the kindest thing to do is just a neutral? We'll see. Maybe I can get them to pick. 

Other than that, I tried to get chromatically inspired elsewhere, because I am sick of wedding websites.

So I looked at quilts because they are pretty and have lots of color. 

These are some that I thought were pretty. I found a lot, but shockingly enough, I mostly like the ones that are just all colors I love color so much!

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  1. could we all have different colored dresses? or have 2 with the same color? that way we can do purple, teal, (yellow and red would be good i think), green (but not such a christmas green???), blue (or would that look too patriotic?? haha) dresses with smoking hot red shoes????

  2. p.s. i enjoy the font change