Wedding Wednesday- The Negative First Anniversary

by - Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ok, this is a day late, but today is exactly 366 days until our wedding (because its leap year)! So, today I took a break from the joys of writing precis to make a big old countdown calender (it says 8-25, but it does look a little like 82 to the 5th power, but it is on stairs! What can you expect!

 I also made tissue paper flowers and put them in mason jars, as a taste of what is coming (maybe). I love the colors of the flowers, but this picture actually does not show them off that well. But they are a pretty addition, I think!

And then there was the cake. I had an ambition to make a cake like the Boy and I had designed as kids (zebra print, a lot of strange meat references, basically as random as you can imagine), but I am calling it a win that the thing is still standing. I watch too many cake shows, because it gives me a sense these things are doable, but when you are a mere mortal, not so much. On the other hand, I do enjoy the Pokemon cake toppers. The Boy decided I was the little bird/amphibian like one and he was the bear one with a crown on its belly. I am sure they have names (and he probably knows them) but I thought they were a good replacement for Wall-E and Eve, which is what I really wanted. 

Cutting the cake, just likely he will do it next year, I am sure. Look out to all our guests! I think Nick was excited about all of the festivities. He was definitely excited about cake (probably one of the best things about all weddings too). He says everyone should celebrate their negative first anniversaries (his words were "so your ladybirds could surprise you a bunch"). 

Pulling the first post it note! I will get back to actual wedding brainstorming next week (hopefully by then we will be starting to figure wedding websites and save the dates, or at least cooing over how great the engagement pictures are).

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