Wedding Wednesday- Bridesmaids and Colors

by - Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So I am pretty close to picking my colors, but one thing that is tripping me up is the bridesmaids- If you want all warm, fire colors with a little purple thrown in, what do you put your bridesmaids in? Like every bride, I have dreams of not putting them in dresses they hate, but the Boy makes fun of me for it. So, these are the groups of thought I am going with. Coral? I like the way this first picture looks, and it is kind of a lighter version of all the orangey reds I like. And I think it makes skin look nice.

Reds (and Polka dots?)- I just love red. If you put me in a store full of clothes, I will just bounce between the red things. The dream was that everyone could get a pair of really awesome red shoes (since that is what I am wearing) but if I did red dresses they could have light colored shoes and be like the opposite of me?
ack! i can't find this one, 2 years later, which is a shame, because I loved it!

Purples- Purple with red shoes- I know this is a very red hat lady look (I thought about a light purple too, but I don't really enjoy light colors), but I kind of love it the most. I think it is very playful, but I am not sure it will fulfill the "oh you can wear this again" criteria. The boy thinks I should just be as cruel as possible, and I think this combo might fulfill that criteria.

 Grays- My other favorite so far, I think. And the bottom picture shows how gray can go with a variety of accessories (and it is certainly wearable again). I kind of think this is where we will actually land, but how well does red orange purple and grey go together? There must be a good reason why you don't see that combo very different.

Natural/Cream/Beige- So this is the last combo I have been thinking about, and I think it fulfills the neutral dress idea while being a little bit warmer/ more natural feeling. I think it has a such nice feeling, but I know it can be a harder color to wear. We'll see. But once I figure this out, I think I will have the color palette figured out! Which is really the only thing I have left to do other than Save the Dates up until the 9 month mark. At some point, lightening will strike. Or the girls will just tell me what they want and make the decision for me?? Shelly? Mindy? Melissa? How many of my decisions can I get other people to make?

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  1. ok i think you have enough pasty white friends that the beige idea would look super bad (really i'm thinking me specifically ;) haha i hate beige) i love the coral (with polka dots!!!!!!!) idea... i think that would be a nice background for the brighter flowers to pop... but i would not do red shoes with the coral. we could go for nude heels with the coral...
    or the gray would be fantastic... finding the right shade of gray would def make the flowers pop AND we could wear red heels ;) i think gray goes with everything too...
    you know what would be fun??? going to the home depot and getting a bunch of color swaches and cut them apart and match the colors you think would go together... that way you can actually SEE the colors instead of just imagining what they would look like?? maybe??
    you're going to have to txt me and we'll talk ;) <3