Wedding Wedneday-New Cute Stuff and Planning the Negative First Anniversary

by - Thursday, August 04, 2011

Ok, so this week was completely wedding-free (and I'll be honest, it was pretty nice; this is definitely a marathon, not a sprint!), so all I have to show are a few things I found while trolling around the internet. I am pretty sure all the pictures are from Style Me Pretty, which I really just discovered in the past couple of weeks. Basically, I just really like this tie, because it reminds me of my favorite shirt the boy wears. That's all!

This is my new favorite cake. I love that it all kind of curves, so it looks really juicy, homemade, and almost cartoonish, while still being tasteful and not over the top. So, my favorite cake now.

Style me Pretty has also kind of made me love the hanging wedding dress pictures, which I used to really think were obnoxious. But this one is nice, and they really aren't so bad as long as they are lit well and aren't hanging the dress from a treehouse, or bookshelf, or whatever. It just feels pose-y with nothing actual to pose!

eeep! I think this one is from
I was thinking short dresses, but these are so pretty! I am thinking the colors are even close enough that I could trick the boy into thinking they are the same. But who knows.  I think the moral here is I just really love the color red!

So the real question, now that it is August, is how exactly we are going to celebrate our -1 Anniversary on the 25th. So far the internet has offered me no good suggestions on this! I am oscillating between doing things only single people do, doing something that has nothing to do with the wedding, or doing all the ridiculously crazy cheesy wedding stuff we could never get away with on the real day. 

Speaking of, I did find wedding cakes made out of cheese.

So we maybe will just eat a wedding cake made out of cheese. I think I will do some sort of countdown started, but I am not sure what that would look like. Do weird wedding traditions from other cultures? I mean clearly we have to do something, and I think making it fun (but still somehow weddingy?) seems like a better choice than trying to be all romantical. So anyway, August can focus on that little thing in the more near future. I will let you know what I come up with.

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  1. i appreciate that i'm not the only one who uses the word "trolling" haha
    and i love the.... cheese cakes.... (i do love cheesecake but these give that term a whole new meaning)
    remember when you guys counted down to the new lord of the rings by taking numbered sticky notes off of the poster? that was fun. you could do that with something then do a 12 days of wedding (not christmas) at the end???