Top Ten Things I Liked as a Kid that actually are as Cool as I Remembered

by - Thursday, August 11, 2011

Like most people my age, I have recently been overwhelmed with a big wave of nostalgia since they put the 90's Nickelodeon programming late at night. Watching it, I have to say some of it is not as good as I thought, but I still identify with Kel's love of orange soda, and The Beets are one of the best cartoon bands ever.

1. Those juice boxes that were shaped like barrels- Huggies?  I am pretty sure it is just sugar and water, maybe like a melted popsicle in a plastic thing, but they still make me happy. I would put Fun Dip in the same category (though that little sugar stick thing is still now very good). Oooh! Also the really big blue blow pops. I think the theme of this is that I have not grown out of sugar, and diabetes continues to knock on my door.
2. Tamagochi's- still good for roadtrips. Even better when you name them after Abba members. I don't know why it is still fun, but it is every once in a while.
3. The Monkee's- Ok, they probably aren't as cool or dreamy as I thought they were as a kid, but I am getting a PhD in performance from the 60's. Let's not call it a coincidence. Plus, now I kind of think they are all cute, except for Davey Jones.
4. Mr Rogers- My favorite moment of getting back to Pittsburgh is walking past the Mr. Rogers display. That and the dinosaur skeleton, but that is not childhood-related.
5. Cedar Point- This is still the best amusement park in the whole world. Sure, Disneyland is nice, but even without the Bernstein Bears, Cedar Point knows the key is to just stuff as much craziness into one peninsula as you can, rhyme, reason, or theme be damned (though who doesn't love Western Town's random band of skeletons?).
6. The boy's pick: Power Rangers. I don't even want to say how many times we have talked about the puttiies. Or how sad it was when TOmmy came for the Red Ranger guy (Jason, according to Nick). The Boy has changed his answer to Pokemon, but it is too late! Plus, I didn't know about Pokemon as a kid, so it really belongs on his list.
7. Lunchables- Nick's nephew is all over them now, and I am super jealous. Cookies and tiny lunchmeats? Genius.
8. Days in a row of doing absolutely nothing, being able to feel bored without also feeling guilty, laying in the grass, playing pretend- why is being a grown up so much less fun on that small scale? Now I have to work at being excited about stupid little things.
9. Lisa Frank! That shit was gorgeous. I think I still love the rainbow because of her, even if those kittens looked frighteningly radioactive, they are still pretty in a drenched in nostalgia, wow I should not like this but it makes me smile kind of way.
10. My friends from then- It's weird how many of them I am still friends with (not to mention my brother and cousin, who are pretty much my partners in crime for life) and how they continually get even cooler. That might be the one really awesome thing about growing up. If only I were anywhere near them! Being surrounded by family is still the thing about being a kid I miss the most, and probably the part of weddingy stuff I am looking forward to the most.

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