ACEing- Eat up Some Failure

by - Monday, August 15, 2011

So, I am getting the feeling that this whole ace thing is mostly programmed to make young academics really hate themselves. On the other hand, I did read an article today about how since the freaking baby boomers won't retire, a much higher percentage of my generation is not getting jobs. Especially in the liberal arts! So yay us, and I maintain my position that baby boomers are the worst. For serious, what is up with those guys?

Anyway, with the hope of guilting myself into working later in the night I am starting to set specific goals and I am going to try reporting my progress again, even though there is no one in the world who can possibly care. But people can scroll down to the next youtube video.

So, today, we got through Frederic Jameson's "Culture in Late Capitalism", Habermas on Modernity's Failure, and I am about halfway through Baudrillard's Simulations/Simulacra. I also briefly took a break with Freud.

Tomorrow's goals, write precis for Baudrillard, Freud, Lambert- Beatty and Habermas. Also, finish the book on Fluxus and start Mary Ann Doane Desire to Desire. That is ridiculously unrealistic, but maybe tomorrow will be the day I kick it into high gear! Who knows!

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