5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1. Zombie Engagement Pictures- I stand with the big chunk of newly engaged people who are really kicking themselves for not coming up with this. It went viral so fast that I think the couple had to make their wedding website private, which is sort of hilarious. Anyway, from what I can tell of this girl's blog, she is just getting started as a photographer, but things are looking good for her if she can make something this big happen from the start. She can work the offbeat bride circuit! Anyway, check the link if you haven't seen it already.
2. Finally understanding "On the Eve of the Future"- something about my ACE makes me feel like an actual grad student. I think I am doing the right thing with my life, but let's see how I feel a month from now.
3. My spot on my couch- I have barely moved, but not out of lethargy- actually the opposite! I had a super productive weekend, which you know counts for something. Now if only I could keep that momentum going through the rest of the week.
4. Robyn's "Tell your Girlfriend"- Just a great song, that really makes you want to dance, and then you slowly realize that it is super depressing. I love songs like that!
5. Anniversary week! I am excited about it, and so far it is going well, except that I need to get some work done pronto, so this list is donzo!

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