5 Things I Love this Week

by - Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1. Awkward themes (and people) at amusement parks- for our big date this week, the boy and I went to California's Great America, which is actually owned by the same people who own Cedar Point. The strangest groups of people come to these places, but we noticed two big trends we don't remember seeing in Pennsylvania. First, people actually jump the line! There are these signs that say "No, seriously, don't jump the line" but somebody does at every single spot. Also, there was an overabundance of handsy teenagers there. We stood in line for what is the alien ride at Kennywood, but is Tiki-themed here, next to a couple (probably around 15 or 16) who groped and made out the entire way. What about a tiki ride in the middle of their "50's town" become the newest castmember of teen mom? Anyway, it was awkward, and the themes were awkward (two different pirate ships, an airforce themed rollercoaster in the New Orleans part... do you know they don't have Western towns in California? It makes sense, but it is mind blowing at the same time)
2. Girls with cursive tattoos- I don't mind the "Seven Things Young Women Should Do Now" blog, but I find it disturbing that the people who seem most excited about it are middle-aged men. I would like to make a list for things middle-aged dudes not to do. Or dudes in general. Number one on the list would be to mind their own business; as far as I can tell, you people don't have it figured out any more than anyone else.And, in my experience, nothing freaks that kind of man out more than a woman who actually does have her shit together. Stop redirecting your anxieties onto an easy target. There is nothing on that list that I don't think a girl can get away with if she wants to; if a 20-something doesn't want to wear a bra, I think that's fine. If she wants to get a tattoo, I think that's cool too. Basically, I think it cool Scaachi Koul knows what she wants from herself, but that doesn't mean it applies to everyone, and she just makes us all sound like losers (when I know nearly no women are age who are). The only one I am totally on board with is the stop hating yourself one, as well as the don't hate women for being women one, but I think the endless stream of negativity is really patronizing and tedious. So, back to my original point, girls with Love tattoos are adorable, and if it fits them they should go for it. I am just going to tattoo all my middle school crushes on my arms.
3.My new planner- I love a fresh new planner. It kicks me into gear for the year, makes me ready to go and accomplish things! Anyway, my new one is also pretty, so that's a big win.
4. Full days at home- Yesterday, some creeper hit on me at my normal reading spot, so I am currently hesitant to han out on campus. I'm not bitter though, because I actually got a good chunk of reading done today, and I think I can do it again tomorrow!
5. Yinzperation- It's a blog that does interviews with people doing big (or not so big) stuff in Pittsburgh, which is the best city anywhere. Check it out.

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