5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, August 02, 2011

1. My cousin Ben's on ESPN.com! My beloved cousin writes a blog about Penn State sports and was the reason I started my own blog here. Today, he had his second thing put up on ESPN.com!!!! Second!!! I am hoping he just keeps his momentum and can be a working sports blogger, because that would just be cool. So  proud of him!
 This is the link that leads to him- Its the one on Joe Paterno! The black shoe diaries is Ben's blog.

2. New dates- Nick and I drove to the coast and picked strawberries, which we made into a pretty decent pie. I especially loved that while we were picking the berries, we could see the waves and hear the sea lions on the beach talking to each other. It was just one of those amazing things you probably can't do many other places, so I love those things. Plus I got to play in the mud and eat something sweet. Perfect. I highly recommend this date if you live in the Bay Area, but if you drive back up to Half Moon Bay for dinner, be sure to make dinner reservations!
3. Birth control with no copays! Now birth control has equal status to Viagra. So thank goodness for that. It would be nice if were more available to women without insurance as well, but I am still taking this as a highly positive step.
4. The smell of basil in my house, basil butter, and pea pancakes from fresh peas. its been a good week to live in this house.
5. Martha Quinn- I totally forgot about her, but with all the MTV anniversary celebration going on, I now recognize her as the host of all the Monkees marathon tapes we would watch as kids. I wonder if her bangs influenced me.

Also, bonus- Regina Spektor live album. I think maybe I mentioned it before, but it makes me remember why I loved her.

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