Wedding Wednesday- What I Learned from Dress Shopping

by - Wednesday, July 27, 2011

from Melissa Sweet
My mom came and visited this weekend so she and I could go wedding dress shopping. Or trying, as she kept telling me. As my Mom knows, I put a lot of pressure on myself about these things, so now even though I don't need to pick until December or January, I have been obsessing. I will continue to obsess, but in a weird way, that's how I enjoy it! This dress, Melissa Sweet's Fern, is the frontrunner so far, but it is so expensive that I would have to buy it used off the internet (I guess that's scary, but it doesn't really bother me). I love the style of it, which I think would fit really well both in the church and at Anchor Village, which is one of the weirdest challenges. It was a big coo for the boy that we have it at a church, because it has ruled out a lot of the really informal stuff that I loved. I do just love the way this dress looks on me (my mom said it was sweet), but it seems very serious for us, and I figured I would like a dress that is a little more fun (commence obsessing. Nothing says fun like spending a ridiculous amount of money and stressing about it).
I thought I would be really in love with the polka dot dresses, but I tried a few on and none of them exactly blew my mind. This one, by Christos, was my favorite by far, but I think maybe it is not worth it.


This dress was my favorite before we started shopping, but damn it did not look good. It was also weirdly see through, which i find disturbing. Very non-bridal to see your underpants. I let my guard down after trying this on, thinking I dodged the expensive dress lust, at which point I immediately fell for Fern. So, that's that. 

Melissa sweet fern
Yeah, it's fern again. I really like this dress, but I didn't have a weeping "Say Yes to the Dress" moment, so perhaps there is something even better out there. 

ack! can't find.
I am not sure if I want a dress with this kind of feel...

Or this kind. I keep asking myself which I could get away with red shoes underneath. Maybe mary janes? or polka dot. But it has to be cutesy enough to stand the super cutesy shoes.

I tried this dress on with my mom, at the very first place we went, and I didn't like it then, but I am starting to feel like it may be the answer now. I like that it still has a cool lace embroidery thing going on, but it also seems pretty playful. I didn't like it because it was so heavy, but maybe I was just naive and now my well-tried-on self wouldn't be as bothered by the taffeta bulk underneath. Plus, that store sent me a thank you card with a personal note; how cute is that!

I like these all organza numbers too, which are pretty cute and cheap (perfect combo). I am noticing the trends that come up over and over again (hello A-line with lace and ugly spangly belt), and I am trying to feel the space outside of it. 

My hope is that by November when I see my Mom again, I will be ready to make a decision, but buying the used dress gives the whole thing a greater sense of urgency. Ah well, I think the primary thing I have learned from dress shopping is that lots of things look perfectly fine, so it isn't the end of the world. I haven't had any super bridal feelings, but I may not ever have them, honestly I'm not sure I have a straight up princess moment in me. At the same time, I figure things just keep sliding into the more traditional vein, and wanting some little spark of special while still behaving seems so bizarrely average to me. So I will figure it out, with a few more weeks of obsessing!

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