Wedding Wednesday- Engagement Pictures in San Francisco (Unfortunate and Less So

by - Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So right now, we are waiting for Chris and Rachel of First Blush Photography (they are the super great photographers that are taking the pictures of our wedding; this is their blog so you can marvel at them- to come  for a visit to take our engagement pictures. To be totally honest, the whole thing feels kind of over the top, but paying for one ticket for them to come here rather than two tickets and days off  for Nick to come home seemed worth it. Plus, the boy and I are so awkward and closed off around other people it is probably worth it to get used to them before our actual wedding. So we are preparing for our big photo shoot, practicing our fierce poses and trying to figure out exactly what one wears for this sort of thing.

I appreciate that engagement pictures, based on the fact that you are celebrating love by showing it off, are going to be cheesy. But I don't want to be wearing matching denim outfits on the beach with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. No offense to people who do this (and there are very very many), but what does that have to do with anything? How often do these couples actually wear matching outfits? It is just a lot. At the same time, you kind of have to embrace the concept of paying someone to capture your radiance, so I think some cheese should be celebrated. So, we have been trying to think about places in San Francisco that might be cool, or pictures that we feel somehow deflect our yuppy self-disdain.

from a photography website listed on the picture, right? I hope so.
I am not super crazy about this picture, but Musee Mechanique is the one place I would really like to go for pictures. It is a lot like Debence, but filled with antique arcade games instead of nickelodeans (though they have a couple of those too). It is the one place we have taken almost every visitor because we just think it is really cool. It satisfies the boy's tech nerdery and my old stuff fetish.

I also really loved the picture on the left from San Francisco's Chinatown. I think the glowy lanterns make the later night shoot fun (which now seems especially relevant since our photographers are stuck at the airport! eep!).

This is from the Exploratorium. I am not sure this is a great choice for us, but the pictures I saw from there were pretty cute and science-y.

Yay books! I just love everything about this picture; it may be my favorite one so far, but the boy refuses to wear any sort of hat or facial hair. This brings back the other (very relevant) question of exactly how people are supposed to dress for  these things? Perhaps I should have thought about it before now.

The other place I think might be cool is Muir Woods, which would also be great since our photographers have never seen Redwoods! I thought that would be really cool. This is actually the Presidio in Golden Gate Park, but I think the little people and big trees aesthetic is nice.

Sutro Baths seems to be a pretty popular photo spot in the Bay area, and though I am not sure how it is relevant to anything except being super good looking.  But it would be great if you were planning a rustic kind of wedding. Or if you were just generally earthy/industrial. Ok, it sounded cooler in my head, but I haven't seen any pictures taken there that weren't gorgeous. So yay them!

I think getting pictures at fisherman's wharf are about as original as with the bridge, but this picture is very cute. I am trying to spot a trend in the pictures I liked, but the only one I notice is that no one is looking at the camera! The whole thing makes me nervous, but I will report back on how it goes. It is crazy how this wedding stuff just keeps moving forward!

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