5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1. Sutro Baths- It's just this weird little spot that is fun to explore. I love that it doesn't seem to have any other real purpose, and it is hard to conceptualize what it looked like when it was a real bath house, but I enjoyed its oldness and coolness.

2. Visits from my Mom- this year I have been lucky to get to see her so much! I am very excited to have these visits, and this time was especially fun because we got to dress shop the whole time (granted, now I am obsessing about whether to get one dress in this adorable picture... but more on that tomorrow).

from www.kaylaescobedo.com
3. Vito Acconci- I have been thinking about he and his work more and more. I am kind of obsessed with him. I am thinking about the ways his manipulation and masochism and how they relate to his use of the camera in his work. I just think he is super smart, and that there isn't much written on him that I think is really really good.
4. The repeal of Don't ask, don't tell. I am not so naive to think this totally solves the problem, but DADT was utilized (statistically speaking) to disempower women in the military and to cover up sexual violence. If you really don't like a woman, one who shows more "masculine" qualities (because that is what it takes to be successful in the military), just accuse her of being a lesbian. The ways that rule was used to hurt so many men and women who wanted to sacrifice for our country is frankly sad. It is one of the key issues that shows how much women's rights and queer rights are intertwined, and I am happy that the discriminatory behavior toward both parties is, at the very least, less institutionalized.
5. Italian restaurants in China Town- I am not sure how to describe why I love them, because the food was truly awful and there is nothing I ike less than Chinese food, but man it was cute, and I do love cuteness.

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