5 Things I Love this Week

by - Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1. Rainbow mason jar cakes- my cousin Paige and I made mason jar cupcakes for my dad's fiance's shower this week. Though I am not sure we mastered them, they were still really freaking cute. They would be perfect for a little kids party, because they are so girly. I think they worked for the shower too, especially because of the gardening theme. But I will put up pictures to show them off later.
2. The boy's parents- tonight, I was hungry, and the boy's mom made me hot dogs. It's nice that we get along so well. Being around them makes me really really happy!
3. Still being friends with my friends from high school. We sat around for a long time last night chatting (and getting hair cuts from the very talented Jenny Bickel, check out A&K Salon) and laughing. It is fun seeing them reconnect with each other and getting to be there too. I love that feeling of just knowing the person, not feeling like you need explanations for everything they say. We already know, and that is a nice thing!
4. Doing Zumba with my dad- it was my favorite moment of the week so far. Hoping to do it again tomorrow!

from thederrick.com
5. My cousin Zach is on the front page of the sports section today! He was the pitcher for the Franklin team which won at districts! And this picture captures all of his athletic gangly glory. Not only he is a future sasquatch hunter, but he is a coverboy too now!

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