5 Things I Love this Week

by - Tuesday, July 05, 2011

1. Fireworks at Shoreline Ampitheatre- It wasn't as familiar and warm as the 4th in my dad's backyard in Franklin, but we still had a good 4th of July. It was fun to listen to the Orchestra play, and the director was pretty likable for a director, but we weren't crazy about the theme. The ampitheatre was flled with all sorts of people, and it was touching to see everyone sing the National Anthem. I loved being so close to the fireworks, and it was especially cool to have the patriotic music playing in time with the fireworks. It was just awesome. Then we had a nice walk back to our house, and got to watch everyone else fight through the traffic. At the same time, the whole thing is an event you pay for, and it feels about consumption much more, which is pretty true to all of my experiences in the Bay Area.
2. Robotech- I am watching it in the background while I do all my ACE reading. It is long, but it is awesome! It may be the perfect background academic noise.
3. John Philip Sousa- We really thought that we weren't going to hear any of his marchy goodness, but the last song last night was Stars and Stripes forever. What a relief! It is probably the only march we will hear live all summer, and that is just not right. We love the Sousa.
4. Pies- I know I love this because, alas, I did not have one, and it made me sad.
5. Getting tagged in pictures that have nothing to do with me. My cousin Paige tagged me in some of her 4th of July pictures and it makes me so happy. It makes me feel like people are thinking of me when I am not around. Plus, her captions always make me laugh. Cousins are one of the best things ever. For serious.

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