10 Reasons I am Glad my Brother was Born

by - Sunday, July 10, 2011

So today was my fabulous younger brother Thomas's birthday. I honestly think that siblings are one of the biggest gifts parents can give their kids. Even if they drive you crazy (which they probably should), they give you someone who really knows you and teach you had to share and be a good friend. I would be lost without my brother! So...

10.  He teaches me how to be open to people. I have to make a real effort to be social with people, but my brother is super friendly and is much quicker to like people (even if they bug him later). He was especially good at being good to the boy back in the day, and I love that they have a friendship independent of me. That's a testament to both of them.

9. He  goes on crazy adventures with me. Thomas, when you catch him on the right days, is up for a lot of randomness. And he will let me take a lot of pictures while he's at it!

8. He has so much courage! My brother takes big risks and follows through (this is us at his graduation). He moved out to California all on his own when most people our age stick around our hometown waiting for things to happen. He makes them happen. I think it even takes so much courage to be an actor, putting yourself out there for criticism and baring your emotions. I would never be brave enough to do it, but he does it all the time! His courage, to me, works on every level and its one of his qualities that I am most jealous of.

7.  He knows everything about movies and music. He has real opinions and they aren't just the same ones that everyone else has. He is original for sure. And what he likes is really good, so people should listen to him. Definitely accept a mix cd from Thomas.

6.  He's kickass. Yeah, this one speaks for itself.

5. He is my badass bouner- TP has threatened to beat up like 15 different people at my wedding. If he doesn't have someone to beat up, we will have to find someone. 

4. He gives the best hugs- he is famous for them. It goes with his openess/warmth thing. This is my mom being especially happy to get a hug from him! He is very big-hearted, just like she is!

3. (This is totally unrelated to the point, but I love the picture) He is the best actor in the whole world, and someday he will take me to some sort of awards show and it will be awesome. No for serious, he is the best in everything he is in. I am not just saying that, he truly is.

2. He is a hamball (in a good way). My brother can always make me laugh, and I admire his courage to put himself out there so much. He can stand in front of a huge crowd of people and make a fool of himself, or stick his arms down into his sweatpants just to make us laugh at home. He is funny in a very silly way that I love!

1. We can always depend on each other (and now that we are old, we are actually friends too!). I can barely remember that I have a cell phone, but TP kicks butt at keeping up with people. I always know what is going on with him. I am such a hermit, but he is good at maintaining that day to day contact that keeps the physical distance between our family members seeming smaller. I know, no matter what the distance, that my brother has my back, and that means the world to me! He is the greatest brother in the world!

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