Wedding Wednesday- Still Polite, but also Pretty Real

by - Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Since I finally got to come home this week, the wedding now seems more like a real happening thing, and a lot less like this weird abstract thing that isn't really happening. Yesterday morning, my Nana, bestie Melissa, and I went to Anchor Village in the morning to see the place and talk about the plan. 

The space really is very pretty when you get a look at the whole shebang. I am thinking about hanging some sort of lights from the center beam, but not so many that it cuts off the view of the beautiful ceilings and high windows. 

On the other hand, being in the room kind of forces you to think through some of the realities of the room. Like we need to try to improve the kind of crazy bathrooms. Also, the lattice stuff photographs alright, but up close it just looks like it is ready to fall apart. I think we can hang stuff on it, but covering it up in an attractive way is clearly going to be an issue. It also made me realize that we have a lot of rentals in our future, so I am trying to figure that out while also working on the catering. 
We also stopped to see Hotel Conneaut later in the day, which is apparently closed every day but Friday and Saturday. To me, this seems like a really bad sign. Though the ballroom itself is clearly beautiful, to get there you have to walk through the park which is literally falling apart. My nana just kept talking about how sad it was. It made me feel like we made the right decision, even if the rentals do end up to be more expensive. 

We also got to meet with the photographers about the details of the wedding. I feel very confident that First Blush Photography are going to do a great job, and they seem like very cool people too. They are coming out next month to take our engagement pictures, so now i am brainstorming places to take engagement photographs in San Francisco. I am thinking on the beach next to the Golden Gate Bridge (just kidding). I would like them to be fun, not cheesy, and with as little kissy face and googley eye as possible. I am also hoping we will get comfortable with the photographers so we don't have to be super goobers in every shot. If you have any good ideas, please share them with me!

I even got to try on a few dresses! First, I went with some of my friends to David's Bridal. I went to the same store like a year and a half ago with Melissa to look for dresses for her. We had a good time then, this time, it was a little weirder. We made it clear this was my first time trying on dresses, but I don't think they totally believed we were actually serious at all. Also, I realized you have to be sort of assertive with those shop girls, so I need to have someone come with me if we are going to do something like that. Because everyone knows you are just awful if you don't want to buy something, just ask Randy Fenoli.  Later, I went to Nicole's Bridal in Seneca, and I thought that was actually really fun. They were super nice and I actually found a dress I really liked. I thought I would need something that moved away from my body to hide the pooch, but I actually have liked the closer fitting dresses so far. We'll see. The weirdest part is just seeing myself with the veil in a white dress, though I did not have some sort of emotional reaction, so that is another fail on the Fenoli scale of bridalness. 

So for now, this is where we are at. It seems like this whole thing is actually happening.

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