Wedding Wednesday- Daydreaming Themes

by - Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From Etsy shop Bannersforall

So we have a lot of what we need done except for this whole choosing an overarching feeling thing. I really like "we do" as an overarching theme, trying to capture that we are already a unit going into getting married, but also that we see the decision as relating to a larger "we," becoming a part of each other's families, that sort of thing.  It's not a super cohesive theme, but I think maybe it will be enough to tie everything together.

Basically, I know I want it to feel like a slightly fussier/ more colorful family reunion, where a bunch of people just get together and have fun (I love the super playful set-up here, but this still may be a little much). I am really bored with these couples who keep saying the day is all about them and them only. If that is true, why wouldn't you just elope? The commitment is about you, but to me if you are having a celebration, I would imagine it is because you recognize and want to celebrate the people around you as well. If you really want it to be a stage show where everyone can ooh and ahh your greatness, why not just have a stage show? We have had a few people suggest we just run away, but I think I am most excited about having chunks of my family together and getting to throw them a good party and getting to plan that party with them as well.

This is my favorite invitation so far, which is from The colors are pretty and I think it has that playful  Anyway, I am spending a lot of time questioning the fallacies embedded in my desire to have everyone together. Still, I would like to incorporate as many family traditions into our wedding as possible because it is who we are and because I think it will be more fun. The other two pictures are just ideas I like because they remind me of certain people and the relationships we have with them.



So I would love to say we are on the move, but I kind of think now that we have locked the big stuff down (we are still figuring catering out, but that is more Nick's thing than mine) it will just be about brainstorming and daydreaming ideas up for awhile. That has to be the beauty of starting early, but I also am already getting sick of looking through blogs and stuff, so I think we may actually have a big wedding break in front of us as well. Anyway, this is where we are!

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